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SPC’s Strategic Goal:

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, SPC will follow the guidance of the Scientific Outlook on Development, conform to Sinopec’s overall development strategy and industrial distribution tactic as well as SPC’s development strategy of giving consideration to both cost leadership and differentiation and paying equal attention to scale and refinement, lay particular emphasis on being cost and scale effective at up stream and high value-added and highly refined at down stream thus giving full play to the advantages of its wide product chain, product diversification and proximity to the markets and improving the competitiveness of the Company.

By the year of 2015, we will have built the Company into an excellent enterprise with a rational product mix, quality assets, good performance, outstanding human resource, practical management, standardized operation and relatively high international competitiveness, thus striving for its lead position among the Sinopec Group. By then, its crude oil comprehensive processing capacity will be 16,000,000 T/Y, ethylene production capacity will be 1,500,000 T/Y.


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