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The Acrylic Fiber Division, the largest base of acrylic fiber production in China, is a domestic large-scale chemical fiber enterprise affiliated to SPC and specializes in producing acrylic fiber and acrylic top, with an annual capacity of 0.15 million tons, accounting for more than 35% of the total domestic output of acrylic fiber. It is not only the largest in China in terms of scale, but also the second in the world in terms of output. In 2003, it cooperated with Shanghai Dragon Corporation to develop antibacterial moisture-conductive acrylic fiber with functions including anti-bacteria, anti-mould, skin care, moisture absorbing, softness, antistatic and anti-wrinkle. Upon testing, the fabric still keeps excellent antibacterial ability after being washed with strong force for 50 times.

The antibacterial and moisture-conductive acrylic fiber produced by the Acrylic Fiber Division is free from side effects of polluting environment and human body. It typifies the multifunctional acrylic fiber product of a new generation, creating a natural, fresh, clean, sanitary, healthy and comfortable effect of dress. Upon testing by SGS Taiwan Ltd. and Textile Industry South Sci-tech Test Center, antibacterial rate of the product is higher than 90% (bacterium used for this test is staphylococcus aurous); capillary effect of its fabric increases by more than 50% (cm/30min) compared with common acrylic fiber fabric. The antibacterial rate of Lasheer blanketry (made from 40% antibacterial moisture-conductive acrylic fiber and 60% common acrylic fiber) reaches 95% (bacteria used for this test are staphylococcus aurous and pneumococcus) upon the test by SGS Taiwan Ltd. on its antibacterial capability.

Combining with other functions including coloring and antistatic, antibacterial moisture-conductive acrylic fiber can be used to produce such new acrylic fiber products that boast multi-function as clothing, decorations and hospital fabrics. The products were highly acclaimed by experts during appraisal and tests.


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