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I. Guidelines of HSE:

Based on the main thread of overall implementation of HSE management system, the Company takes the following measures to guarantee secure and steady production:

Sticking to the principle of "Safety and Prevention First";

Implementing the “Bans on Production Safety”;

Reinforcing HSE supervision;

Intensifying HSE basic management;

Stressing environmental protection;

Defining environmental protection responsibility for each;

Improving work efficiency and management of HSE.

II. Performance Targets of HSE:
The Company regulates HSE management according to the standards of HSE management system; defines HSE responsibilities of all levels; strengthens HSE education and training to step up comprehensive qualities of staff; intensifies control over hidden peril of accidents and environmental hazards; standardizes HSE supervision on contractors; severely takes charge of HSE management of direct work links; rigorously enforces responsibility investigation of accidents; prevents serious and extremely serious accidents while reduces general ones, and achieves every safety and environmental protection target that Sinopec Group ordered.

III. Detailed Indexes of HSE Work:

1. Annual mortality rate of staff due to occupational injury is zero;

2 Annual rate of the badly injured staff on the job is lower than 0.1‰;

3. No serious and extraordinarily serious fire and blast accidents;

4. No serious and extraordinarily serious environmental pollution accidents;

5. No serious and extraordinarily serious harm caused by occupational diseases.

6. The comprehensive target-hitting rate for waste water discharge is not less than 96%, and total amount of COD less than 7,000 tons.



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