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Refined Oil Products
Main products to sale :
Polymer Grade Ethylene,Industrial Ethylene,Polymer Grade Propylene...

Main products to sale :
Industrial Glacial Acetic Acid, Acetone Cyanohydrin,
Industrial Acrylonitrile...

Plastics and Resins
Main products to sale :
Polypropylene Resin(T300),
Polypropylene Resin(I180E),
Polypropylene Resin(F200)...

Synthetic Fibers 
Main products to sale :
Polyester Chips (Fiber Grade),Polyester Staple Fiber,Polyester Pre-Oriented Yarn (POY)...

2020/10/01   SPC won the 22nd session "CIIF New Materials Award"
2020/09/17   SPC Established Advanced Materials Innovation Institute
2020/09/17   SPC Clean Gasoline Component Unit Put into Operation
2020/09/01   Mayor of Shanghai Visited SPC
2020/08/20   SPC Ranked Level A by SSE for Information Disclosure
2015/08/17   Several Departments Jointly Inspect the Total...
2015/08/17   The 4th Enterprise Culture Story Collection I...
2015/08/17   The First Energy Performance Contracting Proj...
2015/07/13   SPC's Energy Conservation Promotion Week
2015/07/13   SPC's Successful Development of Fire-Retardan...

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